New Arrival: Cadenhead's Club 2013 Glen Keith-Glenlivet 20 year

Earlier this year Cadenhead's launched their new whisky club that rewarded regular customers. I've written about the initial package right here a couple of months ago. After completing my book with the required 6 stamps, it was a case of sitting back and waiting for news about the first ever Cadenhead's Club bottling. Well, finally it's been delivered and collected.

Speculation was that it might be something really specially to mark the first year of the club and attract more members. After all you do have to pay £50 for the first year, followed by £30 thereafter. I also think it is fair to say the club is in its acute stages and still getting into shape. So quite understandably some punters may have been put off by the initial fee without actually knowing the bottle itself. This first release might not be something spectacular, but I'm actually quite happy with it, especially in this age of 'limited editions' that aren't really limited; this one certainly is! Just 32 bottles of this little gem.

Cadenhead's have bottled Glen Keith in the past couple of years as an 18 year old, which by all accounts was a good dram and solid cask. It is likely that this release comes from the same batch so I'm pleased with that and I did enjoy a Glen Keith tasting in 2012. We also have a special label and packaging to celebrate this release. Of course the distillery itself has sprung back into life in 2013 so this seems like a good way to mark the resurrection of an overlooked producer and this cask was picked by the Cadenhead staff.

I'm waiting on my next stamp card before commencing the slog towards the 2014 edition this time next year. With some interesting releases in their October schedule, life won't be too difficult I'm sure. In the meantime here are the bottle details:

Distillery: Glen Keith-Glenlivet
Age: 20 years
Distilled: 1993
Bottled: 2013
Limited Edition of: 32 bottles
Strength: 54.9%
Cask: an oak cask
Additional: Cadenhead's club exclusive, not chill filtered and no colouring added

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