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Whisky Rover Archive

  Why would anyone want to read this stuff? This Whisky Rover blog was merged into Malt in 2017 and then we embarked on an amazing voyage as it propelled to heights that I would have laughed at. Still, we kicked ass and never sold out for freebies or commission – not many can say that nowadays. Then, in true Black Sabbath style, imploded after the actions of one person. That’s life and sometimes you make a deal with the devil and regret it. Things move on and there have been some questions as to what happens to my ‘efforts’ in this Whisky Rover guise or the post-2017-2021 period. Well, I’ve revived this blog just to keep the pre-merger stuff alive from 2017. A nice simple move and to be honest, the work here isn’t all great and I should do a director’s cut, or go touch up things, but I’m not going to. So, questions? What happened to the Malt juggernaut? -           Go read my tweet and replies . What’s happening to your 2017-2021 efforts? -           No plans as of yet.

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