New Arrival: Cadenhead's Glen Mhor 30 Year Old

Due to family I do spend a bit time in the Inverness region every year, so it is a shame that the trio of Inverness distilleries are no more. Each, lets be honest was known for varying quality, however it was partially the rapid growth of Inverness as we know it today that put an end to each distillery. Being confined to a small site limited the scope for growth and when Inverness exploded in size, a huge demand for infrastructure such as supermarkets, hotels etc. put an end to Millburn, Glen Mhor and Glen Albyn.

So my ongoing mission is to purchase a bottle from each of the closed distilleries throughout Scotland. I'm already well underway but I had yet to tackle Inverness until now. At last I have a Glen Mhor in the form of this Cadenhead 2012 release, which was photographed during the beginning of the bottling process by the bottler after waiting 30 years.
The official tasting notes from the Cadenhead's Club tasting folder are below along with specific release details. If you want to read more about Glen Mhor distillery then please click here.

Nose: Lush and full bodied. Initial ginger and spices give way to a mandarin oranges, linseed oil and a sweet, sugary note.
Palate: More spice, this time combining nicely with elements of black pepper. The oranges return alongside creamy milk chocolate and honey.
Finish: Sweet, syrupy and full of rich fruits.
Distillery: Glen Mhor
Distilled: 1982
Bottled: 2012
Strength: 54.1%
Cask Type: Bourbon cask
Additional: 198 bottles
Price: approx £144

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