Cadenheads Jura 1986 30 year old

Pick of the bunch from the latest Cadenheads outturn is arguably the 30 year old Jura. Now, Jura I hear you ask? Yes, that's right as my quest continues for a whisky from this distillery that displays character and hasn't been tampered with by flipping the whisky through several casks in the pursuit of goodness knows what. Somewhere along the line of finishes and engineering the essence of what Jura whisky can be is tossed aside and lost.

The disappointment of the Royal Mile Whiskies 23 year old Jura whisky still haunts my palate. The official range offers a threadbare experience and in my opinion further disappointments. Such failures are enough to put anyone off from the quest to keep on trying. When Cadenheads announced this 1986 Jura I stuck my name down on the list; after all what's £140.65 between friends when it could unlock something special?

A rare treat was made even more exclusive with the fact that only 66 bottles were produced from the single bourbon cask. This equated to just 6 bottles at the Cadenhead Edinburgh shop, which was never going to satisfy demand. A good deed was called for as I knew a Jura fan who was further down the list and potentially could miss out. Ok, you can have mine for cost price. That's just manners to me and not any whiskyfabric flag waving event.

Fortunately one good deed deserves another and upon delivery the bottle was opened and a celebration dram poured. Was this the Jura that bucks the trend? A sample provided, I returned home to sit down with a whisky nemesis.

Distilled: 1986
Bottled: 2016
Strength: 42.5% vol
Cask: bourbon barrel
Number of bottles: 66

Colour: pinot
Nose: a fruit salad and grilled pineapples with a smoky element throughout. A tinge of vanilla, some almonds, sunflower oil and honey. It's not a huge nose being gentle and delightful with an old school feel. 
Taste: that refined quality feel continues onto the palate. This isn't forceful, bold or brash. More gentle smoke and Caramac, more honey and dirty vanilla. Pine cones and some kiwi fruit on the finish.

Overall: ok I do really like this but I doubt whether I can source another bottle. At least I have the memory! One for those that enjoy a refined whisky during the evening that tells a tale. If you appreciate older distillates that deliver unique flavours then this is one I'd recommend. 

Thanks to Tom for cracking this open and enjoying it.

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