Deanston 7 year old Sherry finish

It's been a while since I've sat down with a distillery exclusive from Deanston. For those unfamiliar with the distillery or what their shop can offer then check out my previous coverage of their exclusives here.

To recap there was the proof that a wine cask finish actually works with the 2014 Festival Edition, the sublime Toasted Oak or the catalyst for it all with the Spanish Oak. I have fond memories of all of these whiskies and its a bonus when visiting a distillery that they offer something beyond the core range or the bottle-your-own option, which is pretty good by the way.

A recent visit to Deanston and another excellent lunch in their cafe aside, it was time to discover the new addition to the hall of fame, sorry, distillery exclusives. This is a 7 year old whisky which has been finished in sherry wood and bottled at an eye-watering 60.8% vol. Bottle details then the review.

Distillery: Deanston
Distilled: sometime in 2008 or 2009
Strength: 60.8% vol
Price: £65 only available from the distillery shop
Edition of: 290 bottles
Additional: natural colour, non-chill filtered and sherry cask finish

Colour: butterscotch
Nose: cola cubes, a really rich traditional honey none of this mass produced variety, coffee beans in the palm of your hand, dark chocolate, hobnobs (oat biscuit), some cherries but nothing forceful just gentle and restrained with a lingering golden syrup sponge aroma.
Taste: a little rubber initially which I enjoy, that honey resurfaces with vanilla in tow. Black pepper, I'm wanting to say treacle but not as pronounced as that. Very sugary; an easy drinking sherry-lite dram.

Overall: a solid entry in the Distillery Exclusive file. The two aspects I appreciate most from this dram are how well the sherry cask works with the Deanston spirit even for a short period. Also the quality of the spirit itself at such a young age. The finish here adds a layer of character without swamping the core features of Deanston. 

The sample was kindly provided by Deanston and I'll be back shortly to purchase my own bottle. 

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