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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Is actually one I'll never own or hope to see in the flesh. One of those vinyl rarities that will never appear on a rummage; in fact I've never tried looking for it.

The band in question is The Next with their debut single on Sharp Records from Texas. Each song is a killer track and printed in tiny amounts during 1979 a real gem. Generally I'm a big fan of Texas punk and the Killed By Death era, but not of the £££££ it generates. I do have one or two rarities myself but simply because I enjoy the music. That's what struck me about the recent Record Store Day across the UK earlier this year. People queuing at the crack of dawn to put the items onto eBay within hours. That's not the purpose of the event.

Awake watching a live F1 qualifying from the other side of the world it did cross my mind to jump into the car and head into Edinburgh early. Apart from Bad Brains 7" there wasn't anything that captured my imagination and even then, I already have the song.

Reverting back to The Next, very little information about this band who went in another direction for their 2nd single. For all the great singles released in Texas during this productive era their debut takes some beating. One of the songs featured on 'Bloodstains Across Texas' which you can kindly here via the modern delights of YouTube. Just don't expect any visual action...

The Next - Cheap Rewards

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