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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well my negelecting of this space continues. However time for some ramblings!

Edinburgh International Film Festival

I thought this year was going to be a year of transition after the excess (and disappointing) festivals of previous years. We've heard much about a new identity and getting the festival to stand out from the usual occupants. So the release of the brochure last week did come as a real surprise.

Regulars over at HopeLies and my Eastern Premise will know what sort of films I enjoy. Looking through the attractive festival programme (complete with typos) failed to provoke much interest. I'd still like to check out a couple of films when I'm able, but there's very little for me to discover.

I'm already looking head to 2012 when I hope the transition becomes more apparent and enticing. We'll see. I still have my doubts about moving away from the traditional August slot. Speaking of which tickets are already appearing online for the Fringe...

Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Already snapped up some 'interesting' shows including Paul Daniels of all things. The Udderbelly again is relying on a mix of the celebrity and American. Ok, the human beatbox from Police Academy will stoke up much interest. Spiegeltent is starting to reveal its wares and the Fringe brochure arrives very soon. We'll be blitzing the long preview weekend and then avoiding Edinburgh!

September we have a trip up North with several distilleries in mind, so really looking forward to that and picking up a few bottles...

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