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Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's been nearly four months since I posted here, a situation which I can only apologise for. Perhaps its the instant nature of Twitter that curbs my desires to put pen to paper as it were. Maybe its the shocking weather Scotland has endured this past fortnight and the grind actually having to travel somewhere. Then again, I should stop making excuses!

I've stepped back from writing for Gamestyle, who are always on the lookout for video game writers. This was a decision I've been mulling over for a while now and was set to reveal in the New Year. After eleven years I was still feeling the burden of doing too much and I frankly don't enjoy games as much as I used to. Playing for pleasure is one thing, a polar opposite to playing to review. The run of Dr Who, Harry Potter and other 2010 releases confirmed my dwindling appreciate for gaming. Professional till the end it was my GT5 review and the barrage of criticism from the 'fanboy' element that confirmed I didn't really need this any more in my life. For that I thank them, however I'll still be making sure the site ticks over back in HQ rather than the trenches.

In saying that I do have some games stuck in the post (weather playing havoc) that will keep me involved for a few weeks more. I wish I could say with certainty that 'I'm done for good', yet I'll probably do the odd preview if something takes my interest. Time to step aside and let new talent take the site forward. Hopefully I'll rediscover my love of gaming and balance this much better with my life demands when I do.

I've been going back to my other love which is film, and catching up on releases mostly via Blu Ray. It's amazing what a new TV can do and size does matter sometimes! Plus there are some great releases such as City Girl.

I'll be doing my favourite films of 2010 before the end of this year. I'll just pick out a couple, whether its theatrical, blu ray or restorations, I have no set limits.

Until then I shall enjoy this non-freezing evening with a wee dram.

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