DVD of 2010: Love Exposure

Friday, December 24, 2010

When I reflect on the last twelve months no film surprised and entertained like Sion Sono’s four-hour epic Love Exposure. Cut down from an original edit of six hours, this theatrical release is spread over two DVD’s with an hour long ‘making of’, which is the perfect tonic after experiencing the main attraction.

The ‘what the’ effect is very strong with this film; I could attempt to briefly mention the need to sin, the attraction of a cult or becoming a master of panty guerrilla photography. I’ve probably lost you around now, needless to say it’s a wonderful Japanese experience, one that only its melting pot of genres and styles could produce.

I though I’d never say this but I do want to see the six hour version if it does exist. Too many filmmakers would have split the film into a two part or more series, but not Sono who is already on my radar as one director to watch from now on.

Buy the DVD from Third Window Films, they deserve support and encouragement to release more obscure films such as this and at only £4.97 via Amazon, it’s a bargain!

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