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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So a couple more shows, then a rest. We intend to hammer more shows during the last week of the Festival. I have time off then and it promotes a relaxed atmosphere. No need to worry about an early rise the following morning or what diabolical train service Scotrail is running each evening.

Ok, the final two.

Five Guys Named Moe
Venue: McEwen Hall, Udderbelly
Date: 10-29 August
Time: 1715

Great front row seats, which gave me a real insight into the physical effort and mental concentration that goes into doing a musical. Part of the enjoyment of Moe is that its such a small cast, devoid of elaborate props or costumes. They keep it simple and let the characters and songs do the talking. This is my favourite show of the festival so far. All the cast take to their characters with ease and provide each with the necessary personality. Of course Clarke Peters is the main attraction and he is excellent, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a one-man effort; it’s a great team and the live band add another dimension.

Celebrity Autobiography
Venue: Udderbelly’s Pasture
Time: 1925

Good venue but why on earth does it take so long for punters to stroll in and take a seat. Perhaps they’ve all taken on cow-like personalities given the cow barn outside. It may explain a lot.

This show is all about reading passages from celebrity autobiographies. The team let the outrageous words of celebs (including Stallone, Diana Ross, the Hoff and many more) speak for themselves. Often quoting rival accounts of the same incident from both books to laughable effect. The show seems popular and did hit home with a few attendees but I’m left thinking this should be part of the Book Festival. The two readers are the actors from Cheers and Ugly Betty; I couldn’t help but feel that they themselves could have formed a decent show with their own reflections and anecdotes. This is a waste of their talents.

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