Knight And Day Review

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The realisation that there is chemistry between Cruise and Diaz should come as no surprise given their previous form in the excellent Vanilla Sky. Whereas that film was firmly anchored by a strong, enticing and challenging script, Knight & Day is generic multiplex fodder of the blandest order.

It shouldn’t be like this as the opening period is interesting and part of its appeal is waiting to see whether the film becomes an action romp, espionage thriller or a tale of true love. In today’s era of demographics it tries to please everyone and fails across the board. Cruise can pull off the action hero role with easy and Diaz does the bumbling blonde with aplomb.

The threat is never really apparent as Knight & Day tries to be clever and in these times of Shutter Island and Inception, it comes across like a five year old. Enemies are thinly displayed and CGI sequences easily identifiable. For its two big lead names, I predict a rapid descent for Knight & Day into the wastelands of forgotten films with over inflated budgets.

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