Sunday, June 06, 2010

A month since my last posting. Looking back I really enjoyed an overdue trip to Northern Ireland and the Giants Causeway is still a unique environment to explore however I won’t bore you with photographs!

Things are moving well at Gamestyle, we have a couple of new people onboard and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can bring to the team. The site is in the flux of a development upgrades as the tech guys do a marvellous job; some exciting features are planned so watch out. It what, over a decade since I became involved and this is the strongest platform we have to ‘do our thing’.

I cancelled my subscription to Cinema Paradiso and haven’t looked back. I do miss the stream of films and bizarre choices from the depths of my researching World Cinema. Blockbusters of all places has some tremendous deals to reduce the impact of the World Cup, so we’re working our way through a huge list of television shows that we’ve missed out on. Yep, unlike most of the population we don’t have Sky and I refuse to buy into Murdoch’s empire.

Damages with Glenn Close is impressive and after nine years we finally caught up with series one of 24. That leaves 2 seasons of Damages and (gulp) 7 of 24. Then we have the Wire, V, Good Wife, Fringe Season 2, Lost and Heroes. Somewhere amongst all this there will be films and plenty of blu ray releases.

The Edinburgh Film Festival brochure arrived last week and is anyone else disappointed? Having gone through the listing only a handful of films look interesting and many have sold out already. Toy Story 3 sold out in 45 minutes but I purposely avoided the screening as it was 3D only. I hope that Disney have the sense to release a 2D version for all of us who are against the dimensional gimmick and higher ticket prices.

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