Best of the Fest: Girl With Black Balloons

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm pleased that Girl with Black Balloons has been selected for the 'Best of the Fest' listing to round off the Edinburgh Film Festival. I did consider checking out a few more offerings  especially with the 4 tickets for £20, but alas the whole day clashes with Formula 1. And anyone who knows me realises F1 comes first, even if it is the traditional bore-fest that is Valencia. A tiresome harbour circuit that deserves to be raised to the ground.

Edinburgh is into full festival mode now with Book Festival tickets on sale tomorrow. The Film Festival has broken away from the stranglehold of August to carve out its own identity in June. A brave move and for some, a questionable one. Certainly the showings I have seen this year have been haphazard in ticket sale terms. This is why the mainstream blockbusters in the listing will carry and support the lesser known quantities. If that ensures things continue then I am all for it, just don't expect me to attend any 3D showings.

As for the June slot it take a few more years for the Festival to re-establish itself. Sales are not helped by the lack of Fringe, International Festival or Book Festival devotees who may have frequented the odd cinema screening. Why after all travel to Edinburgh just for one festival when you can visit during the height of summer and experience so much more?

The 2010 Book Festival listing is disappointing. While I enjoy sci-fi, fanatsy, fiction and unusual tales these have been mainly overlooked once again. I appreciate such genres have their own dedicated gatherings and flicking through the brochure I can appreciate why. The 2010 offering seems a melting pot of Economic and Financial prophecies, Z-list celebrities selling their wares, selected Scottish writers and tales of hardship. More than ever a balance needs to be struck. The Book Festival seems aimed at a select few. I can only find one event of interest and that's Nicolai Lilin.

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