Election Blues

Saturday, April 17, 2010

So just under three week to the general election. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of it already! I really feel for those stuck waiting on flights elsewhere for their endless waiting. From my point of view it at least gives us a break from the slog of political updates and media frenzy.

Like 9 million others I did check out the trio debate and the outcome was fairly predictable and the questioning exceptionally dull. The thought of two more plus the Scottish debates featuring lead jester Alex Salmond is a daunting prospect. I'd rather watch the Gossip Girl complete boxset! Make that seasons 1-3!

Regular followers will know on occasion I do post up some tracks from my vinyl collection as I make slow progress through my wonderful and not so wise purchases from my teenage years. I haven't done that here for sometime, so much so I was considering just starting a new blog with a name along the lines of 'music from the biscuit tins' (for that's where the 7" singles are kept and have been for decades) to make the process far more manageable.

This is on hold currently as many of the music blogs I follow are being closed down or forced offline. I can only agree with those that pop mainstream tunes but as many harbour vinyl that practically money cannot buy (if you're able to find a legit original) and there is no digital option available, then its a valuable service. My own personal preference for classic Texas punk would have cost me a house or two if I had been lucky enough to find some of the examples. 

Like famous paintings or classic movies. Vinyl needs to be heard, whether its the latest 'hot' thing or a piece of pub rock that was pressed in an edition of 250 and enclosed within a cheap photocopied sleeve.

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