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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I don’t read as much nowadays as I have done, today I’m merely content to pick up an attractively priced supermarket paperback or charity shop bargain.  Even so numerous conquered books litter certain areas upstairs waiting to be passed onto relatives, friends or donated to charity. Thanks to the eBay rules on postage charging it’s not worthwhile to sell online. However books do have a life of their own, being distributed amongst friends or raising funds for a worthwhile cause. That’s something the IPAD or Sony readers will never compete with.

Once in a while a book comes along that really opens your eyes to the plight of others and forces you to reboot your own way of thinking. The Corner is such a book. I’d heard of The Wire but managed to avoid the series as I was still ploughing through Battlestar Galactica and didn’t need another series to squeeze into my viewing time.  Having read The Corner, I need to make room quickly.

I picked up a signed copy of The Corner via the HMV points scheme and being the careful soul that I am, didn’t want to spoil a signed version on the work commute. So a cheap paperback from Tesco was acquired. My expectations were not high; even the sheer size of the tome is off putting. The premise on this side of the Atlantic may not be everyone’s idea of entertainment but The Corner is educational and at times very moving. You become wrapped up in the lives of these poor individuals, rooting for that moment when against all odds they beat the addiction and break free of The Corner.

The additional sections at the rear are uplifting and tragic within a few lines of one another. Finding out how things transpired and how ruthless or forgiving Mother Nature is a wake up call for us all. I’ve newfound respect for those that manage to overcome their addictions and rebuild their own shattered lives. Sadly The Corner is a product of the 90’s and little improvement has occurred with our battle on drugs. Just say no or locking up all those involved doesn’t work yet politicians seem intent on hard line stances when history proves it just doesn’t work.

The Corner is a must read for all ages.

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