Breathless DVD

Thursday, April 29, 2010

There’s nothing like word of mouth to highlight a great film that won’t receive the attention it deserves. So it is the case with the Korean film Breathless. It’s very much a life experience that you won’t forget. Geographically it is further afar than the UK estate warfare of Fish Tank yet the problems the main characters face are universal. The roots of domestic violence are candidly displayed here as we see families torn apart; ongoing money issues and alcohol problems also rear their ugly heads.

As with Fish Tank the rawness of the lead actress Kim Kkobbi is a vital part in its success. The violence and language are equally raw, I cannot think of a film the ‘C’ word more prominently uttered than here. Thank goodness for foreign languages!

Terracotta has released this as a limited two-disc DVD with a run of just 2000 copies. It is well worth tracking down if you feel up to the task of sitting down and watching the drama unfold.

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