Film Review: The Blind Side

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Traditionally films based around American Football are often rags to riches tales or a team of underdogs performing miracles, with the exception of Any Given Sunday. The Blind Side possesses these elements but the spotlight fails on Sandra Bullock’s character (Leigh Anne Tuohy), as it is through her eyes we see the poverty and depression only a few blocks away from her middleclass lifestyle.

Followers of American Football whether NFL or college league should know all about Michael Oher, or at least feature some awareness. Refreshingly the focus is on social events away from the football pitch. Sports scenes are included yet they are very much the minority, as the target audience of this film won’t be football fans. Instead those who enjoy a Bullock film or associated rom coms will find themselves enjoying the antics and strong leadership of Tuohy. It is a surprising and memorable performance from Bullock, who is now arguably having to rely on her abilities and clout as the years march on.

The prospect of a Bullock film would result in a groan however the Blind Side is a surprise, almost a revelation in parts with moments of tension, emotion and humour. The end is never in doubt and you do see the real-life characters briefly in a fitting ending. Overall the Blind Side is a decent enough film, one that will entertain and surprise. Whether Bullock wins the Oscar tonight is open to debate, however she’s shown here that there is talent and would do well to exploit it more in future projects.

So that’s a surprising thumbs up for the Blind Side – I hope the first of many surprises in 2010!

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