Winter Olympics Dominates

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I must say of late I’ve not really played any games except the Heavy Rain demo which I found very disappointing. The Winter Olympics continues to dominate my spare hours albeit it I’m incredibly frustrated by the time difference. There’s no chance of me catching the ice hockey (Canada vs. USA) tonight but the highlight of the week and real surprise was the Rovers dispatching Aberdeen in the cup. I was literally dancing around the kitchen after fulltime!

I have the Masters of Cinema M blu ray to digest this week and I’m really looking forward to it alongside moving into series 4 and beyond of Battlestar Galactica. Yet I have managed to watch In the Electric Mist (average), Couples Retreat (disgraceful) and the Gaea Girls & Shinjuku Boys double commentary release from Second Run DVD. I also intend to revisit the Mad Detective (Masters of Cinema) on blu ray and I also have the Korean film Thirst to check out.

That will be the last vampire film I intend to experience for a long time. The whole Twilight phenomenon and fascination with vampires has left me cold, unless that is MOC decide to release Nosferatu sometime!

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