Tories Say What?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

It’s extremely difficult to gather any enthusiasm for the pending general election given the behaviour of politicians since the revealing of the expenses scandal. Yet more than ever it’s important to have our say and actually vote. That’s one of the reasons why our lads are fighting abroad, even though turn out for the last local election was pretty poor.

I was reading the Guardian today and its lead story is about Tory strategy and their worries about a hung parliament. In essence their message is ‘do you want another 5 years of Gordon Brown?’ An extremely relevant question in these times but it should be followed by ‘what are the alternatives?’ At the moment there is very little as the Tories should actually be saying what they would do and what policies they possess. For his sizeable back catalogue of photo shoots and quoted criticisms of the government, I can rarely recall David Cameron actually standing for something or offering a viable alternative. The airbrushing incident is symptomatic of a slick front, but scratch beneath and the same Tory faults are far too evident. And lets not get started on the inexperienced wannabe Chancellor.

While these past few months have been extremely difficult for most of us, I can still recall the last days of Tory rule and a rampant inflation that made life even more challenging for my parents.

On an unrelated note the battle between Disney and Odeon is now over. I’m disappointed by the outcome as it may have given the mainstream a taste of what limited distribution actually means. Factually the majority of Hollywood output is grass and inevitably immediately disposable. It clogs up the system causing stenosis and not allowing more worthy, yet let visible films an opportunity to prosper. The prospect of having a cinema just around the corner from where you live should be a major positive but I’m constantly disappointed by the multiplex programming. I can only hope that Shutter Island makes it as the past few months have been very sparse.

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