Jesus Lizard Rears Up

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I was expecting today to go over how much Im looking forward to the arrival of the Winter Olympics yet itll have to wait due to a fantastic posting over at POWEROFINDEPENDENTTRUCKING.

After my reminiscing regarding the influential and distinctive Leatherface, it seems apt that another old favourite is back on the agenda. The Jesus Lizard to this day remain as novel and distinctive in ways that most artists can only dream about. Straight from their humble beginnings, nobody really wanted to give them the time of day, but backed with the Rapeman rhythm section, a charismatic singer ( unique vocal style) and a brilliant guitarist, soon I was scrambling to pick up everything they had done.

Vinyl only gives you a brief taste of their stage presence. Having seen them many years ago in Glasgow (backed to the Stanford Prison Experiment), it was one of those gigs that I judge ever other band by, except the Boredoms who were devastating and incomparable in any shape or form to anyoneWithin seconds David Yow was in the crowd and the band and audience become one. Unlike most groups from around this grunge explosion period, these guys were superb musicians, it’s just they have no interest in playing the usual muck that litters mainstream radio and the charts. Jumping onto a major label was perhaps the beginning of the end; even with another strong album. If youve never heard of the Jesus Lizard or fancy pushing your boundaries a little further out, then do head over before the link is removed. It’s a fans collection in a Best of style and while we can debate whats missing or some inclusions, it gives you a significant perspective on the bands output throughout their career, right here.

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