What's Going Wrong?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today I find there is much to be annoyed about. Mostly I try to ignore the sparks but it was all started by the BBC showing a 30 minute special last night on the weather we’ve been experiencing recently. This was journalism at its lowest ebb and I like many others are not surprised to realise that it is snowing and we just have to get on with it to the best of our abilities. With all the issues in the world including a Tory party that refuses to be drawn on what their policies actually are, I find it incredible that such a prime-time slot was wasted when more important matters need investigation. The material was almost a composite of new bulletins from the previous week. No surprise to see David Cameron popping up today saying the government was in crisis – where was he when his marriage tax plans were revealed to be a huge financial burden? Pathetic opportunistic leadership (and I use that word lightly) from someone that is no more than a pretty face for a rich think tank.

When we drove back down from ‘the North’ (aka Sutherland, not Luton) last week, temperatures reached -15 and it the conditions were severe. Perhaps I should have thrown the car off the road, obtained a video camera and shot my own Michael Moore film on the pathetic infrastructure of this country and our inability to deal with crisis. On this experience I am amazed that countries such as Canada, Finland etc actually function but the people I’ve met from these climates all seem to have a real ‘get up and go’ attitude. Instead I read that many UK citizens are acting like drones and sheep; blitzing supermarkets for all sorts of supplies including cat litter. The UK needs to get a grip, it never used to be like this and I blame the media coverage of Princess Diana’s death for infecting us with this national grief bug and sense of panic.

Yeah, it’s supposed to get colder and from a business survey 44% of employees didn’t make it into work earlier this week. I wonder whether we should half that figure to reflect the genuine nature and not those just taking advantage of the situation, and not trying to get anywhere. I’m not naming names but I’m sure many out there will have their suspicions. The other disappointing element is how we all used to look after one another in this country and often in winter this would involve clearing paths and drives; making sure elderly neighbours were ok etc. Clear some pavement and you're more likely to have a neighbour take advantage and park their car on it. Sadly this is the way the UK is going.

The other issue for me currently is far more relevant and involves Odeon. I’ve been waiting anxiously the release of the Road this weekend and only now do I discover that our local multi-plex is not showing what may be one of the best films of 2010. Instead we have Avatar, Alvin & the Chipmunks and the other dross that seems to fill up cinema listings during the holidays. It could well be that due to the weather and schools being closed, those at Odeon have decided that the festive emphasis on ‘family fun’ should continue as many parents will be ‘unable’ to get to work. I hope they redeem themselves very soon.

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