Toy Story 2 3D or not 3D?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

So Disney have released Toy Story 2 a brilliant sequel and one of my favourite films this weekend in 3D for a limited time. This is just a marketing ploy to stimulate demand for the forthcoming Toy Story 3, which won't have Pixar pulling the strings.

The thought of seeing TS2 again on a big screen is enticing. However my 3D embargo will continue as this film is being released for all the wrong reasons. I can appreciate when a new print of a classic has been transformed and needs to be seen by a new generation but TS2 deserves better. Disney have shot themselves in the foot with their treatment of the franchise giving us cartoons and mindless amounts of merchandise that have cluttered the shelves and often languish in the bargain bins. Buzz, Woody and co. deserve a better fate than this!

I'll certainly check out TS3 when it arrives, hopefully in 2D form. I did try to envisage what sections of TS2 would be tampered with to make the most of the 3D 'pointy' bits. Yet I'll just comfort myself with the DVD and hope we receive a worthwhile blu ray option that rivals Monsters Inc in terms of quality.

Meanwhile I've watched the Silence of Lorna and El rey de la montaña this week and would recommend both to anyone. Masters of Cinema have also given us the long out of circulation Une Femme Mariee on blu ray. The 80pg booklet is a thing of beauty and I've only had the opportunity to watch the original trailer which is very French and ultimately definitive Goddard. I'll post my thoughts on the DVD when able.

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