How To Remove The PC Security Tool Virus

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This posting represents a bit of a departure from what I usually release but I’ve found this Security Tool Virus has caught out a few friends recently, and I’ve had to sort it out for them. So here are some words of advice, which hopefully you will find useful.

Firstly don’t be embarrassed this rogue virus program looks very professional and from a pirate point of view its an extremely clever scam. It delivers lots of false positives, however the real issue is the program itself. Even if you download it as a trial version that’s enough to kick off the problems. Hopefully you did not purchase the full version, if so then I’d recommend calling your card company and checking out how much you were charged. If you used a PayPal service or something similar then you’ll be safe.

Ok, if you have this virus then your PC is pretty much useless in its current form. I would delete the program file you downloaded and then empty your Recycle Bin. Now ideally you will have another PC in the house or a friend nearby and a USB stick. If not then don’t worry as we can add in a step further on.

Lets pretend you do have another PC that is free of the program. You need the latest free version of the brilliant Malaware Bytes, which you can obtain here. Download this to your stick the latest version is good enough to take care of the Security Tool Program. Now reboot the PC that has the virus, pressing F8 to bring up a screen you normally don’t see.

What you now want to do is select safe mode and then Window will load up in its basic form. If you don’t have another PC handy to obtain Malaware Bytes then you would need to select Safe Mode With Networking. Once your PC has loaded up you’ll see the virus is inactive. Plug in your stick, Goto My Computer and open up your stick and install the Malaware program. Now if you have access to the Internet you can easily update, but even offline you just start a quick scan and it will quickly locate the problem and perhaps a few more!

Once the scan is complete you can Quarantine the files and then delete them. Now reboot (don’t press F8) as you would normally do and everything should be ok. As an extra step I’d recommend updating Malaware and then running a full scan and that should be you sorted!

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