Film Review: Precious

Sunday, January 17, 2010

If Precious embodies America’s downtrodden youth then how sour the American dream has become. A relentless social portrayal of the life of a Harlem teen, Precious is a moving and thought provoking tour of duty for any viewer. Her problems and those of a family existing on welfare and happy to do so are just as poignant on this side of the Atlantic. A life with no hope and the only desire to maintain that welfare cheque is something we may struggle to swallow yet the world of Precious is extremely bleak.

Precious is a miserable tale but one that must be told. Hopefully those that see the film will reflect on their on circumstances and correlate any issues in their life against what truly matters. Remarkable and understated performances from all those involved including of all people Mariah Carey.

I would recommend Precious to anyone, yes it’s far from pleasurable viewing but it also avoids any cheesy moments or Oprah viewpoints. It pulls no punches and like the Wrestler shows another side to America.

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