Film Review: Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Monday, January 04, 2010

I wish I never heard of the Morgans!

Well, this is film making by the numbers and marketing gurus. You can just imagine them piecing together the plot and cast to meet the most broad demographic possible. The end result is a film that feels a lot like most Rom-coms and also has you asking ‘didn’t I see this before in the Proposal?’

To be fair SJP is ideally suited for this role and she coasts through events; looking it must said stylish as ever despite having to shop in Bargain Barn. Hugh Grant plays the bumbling husband in his usual style that we’ve seen before on about twenty occasions. The directing is bland and the scriptwriting provoked a guessing game to see if we could predict the chain of events and final outcome…

Yeah, we won, easily.

Meanwhile back on screen there is no chemistry between SJP and her lawyer husband that proves to be the major downfall of this movie. I can appreciate the lightweight nature of the film and its desire to entertain but you do have to maintain some believability, especially in the core relationship. The biggest indicator of how bland and average this film was coming across was in Hugh’s intended humorous responses. Next to no one laughed in the audience, in fact they seemed surprised by those that actually managed a chuckle.

I’m sure everyone had a great time making this film but watching it unfold is far from a pleasurable experience. The highlights for me were the short clips of Dirty Harry and The Searchers, which sums it up.

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