DVD Review: The Hurt Locker

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'll try and summarise some of my DVD reviews now and again, and tonight I've just checked out the brilliant Hurt Locker; a must see rental.

The Hurt Locker is quite simply Full Metal Jacket for the modern generation and brings home the gruesome and harrowing reality of war today. It would be easy to dismiss this film as another entry in the growing Middle East chronicles from Hollywood. Yet Bigelow does not pull any punches in her gripping portrayal of a bomb squad operating in Iraq. The soldiers do not act like heroes but are people like you and I, doing a frightful job in deadly situations and somehow trying to deal with the emotional consequences.

The use of various camera angles provides the film a lifelike documentary feel that isn’t afraid to show the ruthless of the insurgents but also the American military machine. Other directors would have put the emphasis on action, heroic endeavours and huge explosions for the popcorn masses yet the actual experience is far more memorable and unsettling. I never thought I would see the equal of Full Metal Jacket but here it is.

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