On The Phone: The Dirtys You Should Be Sinnin'

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sometimes I like to dust off an old record or dig out some files and hear some tunes that have laid dormant for far too long. A case in point this week is the Dirtys debut and final album on Crypt Records.

Its full blast garage rock n roll like few other bands were capable of; almost as good as Teengenerate! A band this on the edge wouldn't last for long and that was certainly the case with the Dirtys. Apart from some compilation tracks they only managed two singles, one on Italy Records which I do have. Funnily enough I stuck some dollars in an envelope for that record and ordered another release from the label just to make the postage more worthwhile. That single turned out to be an early effort from the White Stripes that made a tidy sum on eBay a few years ago. Yet I kept the Dirtys single and that says just how special this band were.

Even today few bands come close to the energy of the Dirtys.

I never did manage to track down the Teenage Problem Child 7", so if anyone has that or some recordings, please get in touch.

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