Let It Snow

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ah yes, a touch of snow and the country grinds to a sudden bitter gridlock. I actually made it up north for a few days after Christmas, which was an eventful journey. Most of us drive yet we don't really appreciate the dangers of speed, bad driving and the changing conditions.

We had a near miss on the A9 on the way up but unfortunately a car a matter of seconds ahead of us totally lost control and flipped, prompting us and the other two vehicles into an emergency stop. The Mega Bus in front of me thankfully shielded any view of the actual event, but you could hear the sound of the collision, as the lead car rolled. I'm still unclear what actually happened, the outside lane was covered in snow and slush, so I presume the driver was going too fast (the section where it goes down from two lanes to one) and just lost it. Thankfully I had left enough distance between us and the bus, so we all managed to avoid a knock on effect.

Some folk just keep on driving, but I'm never like that, I just cannot blindly go on not knowing if anyone is needing help. We all stopped and did what we could till the firemen could cut out the trapped passenger. I ran up the motorway to flag down oncoming traffic. Get them to slow down and move over to the outside lane, having moved any pieces of car from the road. I was only in a jumper and it was minus eight!

I never thought about the cold, just trying to warn others to slow down. Luckily there was a nurse on the bus and the other car driver was on the case and helped those in the car. What a state it was. They were so fortunate as the road was quite open and narrowly missed walkers nearby.

Then after a while the helicopter arrives and lands on the road. I've seen the air ambulance programmes on TV like everyone else but it doesn't prepare you for such an event. The young girl was flown away and last I heard was recovering, which is great news. Some of those I kept updated as I slowed them down were concerned for her, others didn't want to be held up and a few offered me a hot drink as it was freezing!

The A9 is a terrible road for such things, the return leg was easily the worst driving conditions I've ever experienced. Just take your time and we'll all get their safely.

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