Film Review: The Box

Monday, December 07, 2009

Richard Kelly has managed to divide opinion and spark debate with his first two films and The Box is no different. He’s consistently shown the ability to well, sorry; think outside of the box compared to other mainstream film directors. Giving audiences unsettling thought provoking experiences that warrant repeat viewings.

The Box could be considered a science fiction film or a tale about morality or even being happy with your own status in life and avoiding such dubious human qualities as greed. For the couple who have to make that choice we follow them as they experience a chain of events that defy description and have to be seen to be believed.

For the most part I really enjoyed The Box, there were certain aspects of the film that failed to gel or hold true, such as the library sequence. A little more work and a tighter theatrical version would have made the film more palatable. It does come off the rails with a sizeable chunk of the running time left, but does manage to cling on for life before coming back strong in the final few scenes. Kelly films aren’t about satisfying audiences; instead you know that you are about to discover something different, eerie and thought provoking. The Box is no different.

Cameron Diaz is very watch able and Frank Langella impressive with a performance that lives on in the memory and not just for the CGI face work. For a film based on a short story, The Box manages to spin out a simple premise into a full blown production with some success. So if you’re looking for a piece of escapism this festive season away from Christmas Carols and Santa, then The Box is well worth opening.

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