Christmas Decorations

Monday, December 14, 2009

Anyone else find the current fad to decorate your house externally with Christmas lights distasteful on many levels? Lets celebrate the festive season by defacing our property and adding to the vast profits of the power companies? After all who cares about environmental concerns or the fact that electricity has never been more expensive? Nah, lets light up the front with a growing collection of cheap and nasty decorations. Yeah, roll on the January sales so we can buy more litter for the front.

Don’t give me that nonsense about it being for the kids. I’ve gone past these houses several times and I’ve yet see a child standing out front taking in the spectacle. You’re more likely to see adults jaws drop with horror at the tacky sight that is defacing their estate. I really doubt young Jamie is going to spend hours looking out of his bedroom window at the wonderful lights outside when he has an Xbox 360, television or Internet in his room. The kids here are the parents or grandparents who should know better!

Take the money you’re wasting on these items and the excess electricity bill and give it to charity or do something worthwhile to celebrate good will to all men. It’ll be far more worthwhile and you won’t need to take down anything come January.

I’ve got one of these houses near me; it looks like a car crash. Every time I drive past I pray for a piece of black ice to catch me out so I can lose control and go skidding across the lawn taking out Santa, the elves, those reindeer and anything else that shouldn’t be there. Imagine the news headlines; ‘Police were at the scene of a bizarre car crash that involved Father Christmas, his elves and a collection of deer. While no human casualties were reported, the driver seems ecstatic about the head count of Xmas decorations the accident involved. Neighbours are reported to be delighted with the end result.’

And before you suggest it, none of my neighbours have yet to descend into such festive decorations. I’m not cruel; I don’t mind the fairy lights after all they are a pain and you can only get so much on a tree – why not make use of them elsewhere? Sadly I’ve yet to see someone go to the hardcore lengths Chevy Chase did and decorate the roof, now that sort of thing demands respect. As for the rest of you cut it out!

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