UP 3D Review

Sunday, November 01, 2009

I'm a big fan of Pixar's output but it must be said that UP isn't their best offering, despite the hype. This also applies to the Cloud short that opens up the experience. Full of flair, invention and emotion it just lacks that something to elevate it to the next level.

UP itself is not a 3D film, clearly the format has been fostered into the equation with mixed results. Perhaps the next Pixar film will really exploit the added dimension, yet if you've only seen it in 2D, you've not missed out on anything revolutionary and saved yourself a few quid. £11 for an adult ticket; frightening.

UP is Pixar treading water, another Incredibles that will divide opinion. The real highlight for me is the montage where we see the ageing lead character's life in a few minutes. This is blockbuster of emotions, a real masterpiece and something I'll always remember. After this the wave can only break and from then on you're on the downward slope. UP wrestles with catering for adults and children. I found myself losing interest with onscreen events, just wishing for a return to those splendid moments early on.

Such is the high standard of Pixar's work that you cannot help but set your expectations high. UP fails to meet these demands but in today's market it still warrants your time and money.

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