No More Filmstar Magazine

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sadly if you are looking for the latest issue of Filmstar magazine like I was last week, then you'll never find it. The magazine after a promising opening five issues is no more. Due internal issues with the company owner which I won't go into here it means the UK is without its most promising new film magazine.

What I enjoyed about Filmstar was that it carried the mainstream content you would associate with Empire and Total Film, but never in the ass-kissing typeface they tend to favour. Instead a sizeable chunk of each issue was given over to DVD releases and foreign cinema. So in effect it combined the best of Empire with Sight & Sound magazine in a much more friendly format.

Who is to say that Filmstar won't be revived when everything is sorted? I certainly hope so as Empire in comparison just isn't a worthwhile substitute.

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