Games of 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Really here I should trot off a huge list, but I must say not many games have really left an impression. Another year has gone by without me giving a ten score on Gamestyle. That's nothing new really, I can count on one hand the games to receive such a score. But what did manage to impress?

The work Rockstar did with the GTA missions deserves credit and Codemasters use of the F1 license is promising, but sadly not game of the year material. Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 is top of many lists and it is an epic piece of gun play. Bungie just couldn't deliver with Halo ODST, which involved too much backtracking yet remains a real fighting experience.

More than every I find myself looking for the overlooked games in the sales or bargain bins. I've never gotten around to the latest Metal Gear or even Forza. Everything is sequel orientated nowadays so its promising when a new IP arrives such as Dragon Age Origins. Very much a Western take on the RPG genre it comes with added Lord of the Rings and plenty of story. Nowadays its tales and characters that seem to interest me more than anything; if you've shot one alien, you've shot them all.

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