2009 So Far In Films

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're almost at time now when its fashionable to look back at the preceding months and pick out your best of the year. My own trips to the cinema have been fairly limited, although one is just around the corner it is sadly a multi-plex. In other words you have 4 screen showing Transformers 2 and if you're lucky on a Wednesday night there might just be a one-off screening of something worthwhile, but not all the time.

DVD continues to thrive, ably assisted by blu ray for the more lavish releases. So what films have I enjoyed this year? Well, its not a definitive list but I would suggest next time you're scouting for a rental locally or online, these are worth a shot...

English Surgeon
A gut-wrenching experience and one that makes me proud of the NHS as we follow a talented surgeon who helps out a foreign hospital where benign tumours are killers thanks to the lack of care.

Hamlet 2
Finally something worthwhile from Steve Coogan's constant attempts in Hollywood. Its biggest hurdle is the fact that many will assume it is another modern interpretation of a Shakespear. Far from it, this film entertains and keeps you guessing.

September Issue
Anna Wintour is one of the most formidable characters I've ever seen on screen, partially because she is real. Cringe at her power and influence as Editor at Vogue magazine. This fly on the wall documentary is compulsive viewing full of characters that makes Ugly Betty seem bland in comparison.

Tokyo Sonata
A real revelation and that ending was one of the most inspired and emotional I've experienced in several years. Kurosawa has made a name as a director through J-horror but this is his first attempt at mainstream drama and its brilliant.

I'll pick out more later...

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