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Friday, July 03, 2009

Just wanted to highlight the arrival of a new film magazine on the already overcrowded shelves. Issue 2 of Filmstar magazine is just out and I'd recommend anyone with an interest in cinema to pick it up. There are a worthwhile positive aspects, worth highlighting. Firstly its a good size and not littered with huge photographs as seen in Total Film and Empire. Images do play a part in what is a fresh presentation, leaving more than enough space for some worthwhile text.

In terms of balance this manages to cross the divide between the more mainstream publications such as Empire,whilst offering just enough foreign cinema with Sight & Sound additives to keep someone like me occupied. May even consider a subscription!

However Issue 2's lead article concerns the low budget 'Moon' which does seem promising and after attending the BBC Radio 5 Edinburgh event where Kermode and Mayo talked with the director, deserves some coverage. Yet calling it 'cult' and the first example of this in 2009 really annoys! The word 'cult' is thrown about too much nowadays and to call such a film on the eve of its release such is pretty lazy. Give it 5 years and I may be forced to agree, but not before!

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