The Proposal Film Review

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lets be honest, films such as the Proposal are an easy target for criticism. You don’t walk into a screening expecting to see something really special or groundbreaking. From my experience tonight, the majority of the audience were entertained and that’s ‘job done’ with a few laughs thrown in for good measure. Yes, the crowd was 95% female, but the whole experience was inoffensive and charming to both genders.

The Proposal is entirely predictable in the usual Hollywood way, the premise with a slight twist has been seen before and the ending is no great surprise. However it’s the journey that proves to be entertaining and the real attraction. I’ve got a lot of time for Sandra Bullock; she knows her range and has built a successful career out of what tools are at her disposal. On this experience she can play a hardnosed businesswoman with ease!

My main criticism is the length of the film for this genre is too long. The Proposal tries to cover an array of characters and events, so much so that it feels a few scenes were taken out, as it jumps in places. More could have been made of family relationships or the background to the couple, as most of the detail was pretty shallow. In spite of this staying with developments was easy. I really wished we had more of the New York angle, but it was refreshing that the majority of the film takes place in a distant location. I found myself thinking back to Local Hero in places, a marvellous film and this is no match, but as a rom-com with a touch of its charm, The Proposal isn’t half bad.

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