DVDs Are Worthless?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Or so it seems trying out Music Magpie if you're anticipating moving up to blu-ray, or just clearing out the boxes of films you've never gone back to watch again.

I find myself in the same position, DVD is a great format and one I use to rent, especially films that never received a cinema release. Extremely portable, universal (excluding region coding) and those wonderful extras. Being based on my own experiences of Beta-Max, VHS and Laser Disc, its a vastly superior format. Yet the future will be one without physical media, and that's a huge shame.

I'm already abstaining from randomly buying any old blu-ray. Instead only the classics or collectors/directors/specials/whatever else the marketing dept make up releases are allowed entry. The Kubrick films for instance are wonderfully put together, featuring some top-notch commentaries and background material, same with The Godfather set.

Even then, blu rays are extremely cheap when you know where to look, or when to buy. Very rarely do I pick up one upon release, although I'm trying to fight the urge to acquire Fincher's Button epic, with a host of extras. And I'll know soon enough these discs will be practically worthless, so only the best may apply.

Still, the enjoyment factor makes it all worthwhile.

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