Star Trek Review

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

J.J. Abrams brings his customary visual flair and ability to create accessibility to the Star Trek franchise, in what is a successful reboot.

This is the best Trek adventure in light years, but that’s not really saying much really. Fans of the genre will lap it up and those in need of a shallow romp will be relieved at the lack of traditional Star Trek diplomacy and customs, instead focusing on action. Despite the hype Star Trek is good but nothing more, yes it delivers on special effects and its epic portrayal of space, but the plot is full of holes, which prompted that old Hollywood trick. You’ll know what when you actually see the film, as a dynamic is called upon to get scriptwriters out of a loophole.

For the most part I could not shake off the feeling that this is Top Gun in outer space with Kirk playing Maverick, a young and over confident know it all, pitched into combat whilst still in school. It’ll be interesting to see where the franchise goes next.

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