The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Film Review

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Button is easily Fincher’s most commercial film to date yet one that still maintains his air of perfectionism. The premise is already known and marks a fascinating marker of where the industry currently is with special effects. It seems there is little a film cannot do when the budget allows.

It is an emotional tale through the life of a man, albeit in reverse. The lazy comparison (as made by the Sunday Times and others) is that it’s simply Forest Gump backwards. I have to disagree completely; this is a far more enchanting tale with an excellent cast and is a much superior film. Pitt and Blanchett are both excellent and form a lasting bond even as their ages drift apart. On paper the running time seems excessive and I would have certainly removed the clock dynamic and some of the initial younger years. The experience refuses to drag and despite the obvious ending (who can deny nature?) the trip is well worth the ride.

For Fincher it shows he can do mainstream sentimentality better than most and will hopefully enable him to pursue some of his other projects currently stuck in development hell. Benjamin Button is an excellent film without doubt, perhaps not the best of the year but certainly a memorable few hours.

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