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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gamestyle has a round up from the team on what we've enjoyed during 2008. More than any other year that I can remember, I've found more reason to go back and enjoy previous releases than what's currently being released.

The approach is partially financial but also due to the lack of progress from the current generation. Very few games deserve £40 nowadays, or remain at such a steep price for longer than a month or so. In fact some of the best games I've enjoyed in 2008 have been downloadable titles such as Lost Winds (Wii Ware), or offerings on the PS2 like Persona 3, Soul Nomad & The World Eaters. Yakuza 3 is another but I'm currently working through the previous release in the series before that, sadly not playable on the PS3.

The biggest surprise this year and my game of the year is EA's Dead Space. What a brilliant game and one that offers new possibilities that will be copied in 2009. I'd never have thought that one day I would wish from EA to release a sequel, but that's the case here. EA also provided the entertaining ice hockey license, my sports game of the year. And despite criticism, Need For Speed was something new for the series.

Sadly the Wii continues to disappoint, most releases cater for the main market which is only to be expected. Those of use who want a little more than brain training or a pet pooch will have to hope the next twelve months improve matters.

Fable 2 from what I've experienced is epic and refreshing. Lost Odyssey is a challenging RPG, very good but not great and the latest Tomb Raider is a return to form, but lacking the freedoms we had so hoped for.

The PS3, well it just waits for the spark to bring it to life. LittleBigPlanet is almost that spark, really enjoyed it so far but its not what the mainstream really want.

At the end of this year I can only conclude that its never been a better time to be playing games. Not based on quality but the fact that retail competition is so fierce that bargains are available - just don't be afraid to pick up older titles!

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