Still Cut After All These Years

Saturday, September 06, 2008

It has been, well I guess at least ten years since I've seen James Cameron's underwater epic, The Abyss.

I'm not sure if Channel 4 are running the theatrical or special edition version, and as I'm not sticking around it'll be hard to confirm, what with all these adverts. Still, given the relaxation of many laws nowadays and some of the guff we have on our screens (at a much earlier time I may add) it is still not allowed to watch that rat scene in full. Jeez, its not as if the wee animal dies or anything but oh no, its out of bounds. Just another of those rules and film censor decisions that still annoys today.

In saying this, isn't it about time it arrived on Blu Ray? Seems like an ideal candidate along with some of Cameron's other flicks.

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