Vinyl Adventures (Part 4): Dot Vaeth

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh man, I think out of all the Bloodstatins, Killed By Death or whatever punk compilations I've owned over the years my favourite is Deep In The Throat of Texas.

Released in 1994? by Existential Vacuum Records (2000 pressed), this Texas label specialised in putting out long deleted, rare or never released local punk bands, mostly from the classic era of the late 70's. Deep In the Throat of Texas as their snapshot of 1978-80, although the Uncalled 4 tracks were recorded much later (unknown at the time).

Excluding the Next single, my other favourite is the Dot Vaeth tracks and this is the closest most of us will ever come to owning such a single. Usual rules apply, for one week only I present the mighty Dot Vaeth...

White Collar Worker
Armed Robbery
Baby's Playin' Games


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