Review: Hellboy 2 The Golden Army

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ok, the original Hellboy was pretty patchy in parts and this sequel was probably helped by its performance on DVD on Blu Ray. So Hellboy 2 The Golden Army is the latest Hollywood effort from Del Torro and frankly he shouldn’t have bothered.

This film plays it safe to the core comic book audience and that 12A certificate. So the initial promise of the auction house sequence is a brief highlight, before it all runs downhill and extremely messy. Realistically Hellboy 2 is a bridge between the original and the final finale that will probably come if the next one is green lit.

It serves only to introduce several new characters, remove some of the mundae aspects of the universe, laid in the original and replace them with, well, more pointless and predictable offerings. The ending for the Golden Army and the main achilles heel of the bad guy is very evident from early on. Even the director’s usual strong reliance on visuals,striking design and clockwork is pretty shaky here.

Did they run out of budget towards the end? Was there a sudden rush to draw the line on this lazy and messed up script?

Few highs or moments of delight await in Hellboy 2 The Golden Army. It takes the straightforward good versus evil of the original film and mixes in too many other considerations, almost forgetting why Hellboy exists in the first place. A bland and disappointing sequel.

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