Giselle State Ballet Of Georgia

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last was my only festival event this year and for that honour we selected something rather different than the usual fringe and tack so evident during Edinburgh's August.

The chance to see Giselle performed by the State Ballet of Georgia is rare enough, but add Nina Ananiashvili in the lead role and it's no surprise the Playhouse was packed. She's only performing in 2 of the 3 shows, guess at her age time is catching up now. Therefore the first and only performance on Saturday was our best bet and thankfully she did perform last night.

This was my first ever ballet, whereas M has been to a few previously. For the mainstream it is an easy target but I found it to be a mix of gymnastics and a silent film where movement and actions displayed the emotions. I was quite surprised by the actual experience and very impressed by the lead characters. Of course Ananiashvili was mesmerising in her performance - easily worth the price of admission alone - the drama, ability and lines.

The music was excellent, normally classical is not my selection of choice but live it takes on another quality, matching events on the stage. The only criticism of the night is the venue, the Edinburgh Playhouse is in need of some work, with many around me complaining about the view, heat and access. Despite these limitations the venue could not spoil an unforgettable evening. With events currently in Georgia dominating the news I'm thankful for everyone involved and that the show went on.

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