Film: The Keep

Monday, August 04, 2008

Lets ignore possibilities about my haphazard posting just for now.

Recently I was overjoyed to watch Michael Mann's The Keep on DVD. Well, not an official release but rather a copy of the excellent laser disc edition. As with most films it has a tarnished history, butchered by producers and released in a version that misses the whole point and has huge chunks of the plot missing.

Still, the quality shines through and that's a credit to the film and the director. The soundtrack is something else. Rumours abound that finally we will be getting an official release on DVD (and hopefully Blu Ray), its clearly one of those films that deserves to be seen after all these years.

Just like the stunning Dark City which has just appeared on DVD And Blu Ray this week in a directors cut laiden with extras, a little bit of patience will pay off one day.

I've been considering what to do here. My time is limited but I am still actively engaged in thinking about recording my vinyl and distribution of some classic unheard tracks. So film and music will be the key matters. At least with the Olympics due shortly, I won't need to watch television for a month!

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