So where was I?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

A few months have passed and gaming wise I've toned down my excursions, although GTA4 did come and kick ass for a considerable period. Even now I've managed to go cold turkey without it for just over a week. Too often with this series I do go away after a huge initial effort, and often don't return. We'll see with this one.

I have during my time away enjoyed a few older games (with more to play) and some other surprises:

Stubbs The Zombie
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (despite its flaws including slow updates)
Space Channel 5

There's bound to be a few I've missed, so apologies. In the vacant space of gaming, apart from gardening its been movies that have entertained. So many DVD's to catch up with and some highs and lows.

Take Death Proof, which features some classic cars on show and plenty of visual talent but a pretty poor film overall. Next, was fun. Vanilla Sky was one of those I really regret missing out on (thanks to my phobia about Tom Cruise movies) or Master & Commander.

So things are getting back on track and I've picked up Young Stalin to read also, which is a piece of research I've long had my eye on.

There you go, next update will be soon enough and I'll get back on the vinyl later in June.

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