More car taxes

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another budget and another hammerblow for car owners. It's all too predictable, the greens turn up and demand higher petrol prices and more action. Then we have to foot the bill and despite improvement in fuel economy, there's little chance the 60% tax we pay on fuel (or slightly more) will ever go down.

I grudge paying this extra tax and the chancellor threaten driver with road pricing schemes. As a faction we already carry a huge burden, paying road tax, vehicle tax, MOT and everytime we put fuel into the tank. Yet still those greens keep on moaning and demanding more action.

Petrol needs to be cheaper, but this will never happen as the revenue is vital for other areas of the government. Central office has grown to love the huge flows of money into their in the red balances.

Car owners are an easy target. Why not look at the travel industry (mainly airways), factories and even houses which are not efficient. My house is band A and so are the many of the appliances within it, never mind the constant recycling we perform. Do we receive any financial incentive or reward for such actions? No.

I'm all for charging those who buy these huge vehicles for the school run or some false manhood. Yet it seems unfair to apply this on a sliding scale to other family cars such as Focus and so on. The point that the government overlooks is those who are able to afford such a car, won't be put off by such a tax. The rest of us will feel that pinch even more.

The government goes on about the environment, as do the greens. Yet as a car owner I do not think hybrid vehicles are an realistic option just yet. The technology and formats are slowly showing promise. Can anyone see the long term validity in having a hybrid car and charging it via the electrical grid? Are we building more nuclear powerstations to meet this forthcoming demand? How does that sound to the environmentalists? Perhaps crazy, even in their own world.

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