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Monday, March 24, 2008

Yes, reporting in once again!

I'll have to arrange another vinyl update soon. This holiday weekend was too busy running around performing tasks. However I did manage to do some writing, so you'll see the SEGA Superstars Tennis (Nintendo Wii) review over at Gamestyle. Also just off the boil is Persona 3, an excellent RPG on the PS2 from Atlus which has probably taken up most of my spare time, what little I've had over the past 4 days. Expect to see that later this week and do get it if you can.

I'm actually looking back in time of late. Too many of this current generation are expensive and offer little else apart from high definition. So I have picked up a clutch of Xbox titles including Stubbs The Zombie, Dreamfall and Chronicles of Riddick. In GAME today I benefited from someone who traded in several Xbox titles in great condition. So, for a tenner I obtained Pariah, Wolfenstein, Scrapland and Project Snowblind. A few of these have not been reviewed at GS, so in due course they'll be done. I'll also have to get started on Doom 3 again, before I jump onto Resurrection of Evil.

In the end the Xbox was killed off too promptly to enable the 360 to breathe. That leaves some viable games out there at a fraction of the cost.

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