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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Visitors a plenty at home so my weekends have somewhat vanished and I haven't been around too much. Apologies on that front and also the lack of new vinyl adventures - normal service will be resumed shortly!

So some raith mutterings...

Poor Form
I'm just so surprised how badly RRFC are playing at the moment. Things since Xmas have gone from bad to worse. The single automatic promotion spot is now a foregone conclusion (congrats to Ross County) while we seem intent on throwing away a playoff place.

Rambo Not in Odeon
A benefit of my work is cheaper tickets to the Odeon cinema. Today I learned that they won't be showing Rambo in their theaters as firstly its not had very good reviews (this normally doesn't stop them playing Hollywood pish in 5 halls every hour) and there's something like 240 deaths in 90 minutes.

Now I'm not expecting a masterpiece from this film, but more a flashback to the early films which were just crazy and summarised the whole 80's action genre. I still recall the press outrage with the original film; all those deaths and bad words, its just wasn't sport. The same happened to the Spectrum video game.

Whatever the true reasons for this decision by Odeon, I'm sure Rambo will perform well on DVD.

Very interesting site that is a valuable resource for truthseekers or those wanting to know what's really going on. Unfortunately a bank has managed to temporarily disable the main URL but I've put the other one on my links here. Check it out.

Lye Street - Alan Campbell
Scar Night was one of my favourite books of recent times and this (almost sold out) novella sets the foundations of events before that. Wonderful presentation and already I'm hooked again.

Riff Everyday Shooter
Finally a game I'm enjoying! For some reason I've always been more inclined to pick up a downloadable game on my PS3, as opposed to the Wii or 360. The most likely reason is the lack of worthwhile games on that system in the stores. A few such purchases will keep me entertained until Prologue arrives at the end of March.

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