Vinyl Adventures (Part 1)

Friday, February 01, 2008

So that's the parents attic cleared in a last minute rush, the other night. At the time I was disappointed about having to dash down the road, as I had just started to watch The Hunted. Having caught up with the rest of the DVD, I now realise what a fortunate escape it was, but this isn't a movie review! Oh no, more attic discovers and back on the vinyl conversion saga.

I used to buy records from all over the world for many years, sometimes via reliable importers or just going to the record label direct. This was an era before PayPal or really the internet. So it was a case of either obtaining an international money order, or just stuffing a few notes in an envelope and hoping for the best. At least the postal service was more reliable and honest back then, than it is today.

The result of all of this is that we have some remarkable and damn right obscure records. The other night I found another stash, this time from circa '94 and a mix of singles and albums. Given my new found spare time for such pursuits, I am finally putting these pieces of underground history onto a format for me to enjoy. I'll maybe even stick a few up here!

Looking and hearing at these records again, really prompts me to find out what became of the band (did they record anymore?) or in some cases the record label itself! I guess some of these will be KBD (Killed By Death) obscurities of the future yet the range of genres is wide.

So let's begin...

Seizure Boy 7" Coolskin Records
A debut release, much proclaimed by Maximum Rock n Roll and the sadly departed Tim Yohannan. Very original and accomplished even today. As for what happened? There is no sign of the band or record label today. A real shame as all four tracks are very enjoyable, with the first two being almost exceptional. One to investigate more.

Seizure Boy - Wearin' A Dress wma

Teen Titans - More Songs, Less Music 7" My Papa's Leg Records
A real fav, with 9 songs of weird kiddie punk with a touch of manga and pixie charm. Texas of course. Released in '94 on Phillip Niemeyer's small label (he was the singer) this was long deleted. However you can now hear their sounds via ITunes and EMusic!

I'll have to find more of this stuff as its great fun. I noticed the All Music Guide for this record makes reference that Scottish band Bis were huge fans and adopted this sound somewhat. That's partially wrong.

For a start Bis were already kicking up a fuss shortly after this record was released, so if anything it was a meeting of sounds. The other thing was that having imported this record and lovin' it. It was me that sent a copy of the songs to Amanda MacKinnon (Manda Rin) who of course was in Bis, probably in '95. From what I recall her response was she could see the similarities and enjoyed the record. While I did not follow the career of Bis soon after that, its quite possible they maybe gave positives quotes on the record. So, blame me!

The Teen Titans each designed their own sleeve for this release, while Phillip's is the one that is pictured at the top, and probably at Itunes etc. My own copy is day-glo pink in a much better design.

Teen Titans - Popsicle wma

More vinyl adventures to follow...

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